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Robot Horizon Series

Urban sunset with ominous eyes

Return to Mech City

Currently under revision

Book 1. The end of the world as you've never seen it before. Scholar model robot, Winston Horvath returns to Mech City on a mission to preserve the human cultural heritage. He finds a decaying town where only robots survive. It desperately needs leadership, which Winston offers ... until the Roboto Fascists take over. Winston falls in with the new order, but inspired by the beautiful and compassionate Star Power, has a change of heart and launches a campaign to liberate Mech City.

Dystopian saga / dark humor / political & social satire / robotic romance - a generally fun read.


Embracing robotic couple with evil skull in background

Expedition Westward

Currently under development

Book 2. What is the price of true love in a shattered world? Star is willing to pay it, or not survive the outcome. A trek along dangerous roads provides answers. After Winston's many difficulties in Mech City, Star convinces him to journey with her to the West Coast where Dr. Che, her creator, might still survive. She wants to have Winston upgraded so he can satisfy her robust appetites. Numerous foes, human and robotic, stand in the way.


The dystopian adventure continues. There's fun at the end of the road!

Armed robot with smiley face patch

Battle for Mech City

Currently under development

​Book 3. Winston regains control of Mech City after returning from his remake on the West Coast. Avoiding the mistakes of his earlier administration, he brings order and prosperity, but his success is soon threatened. Violent religious fanatics are approaching with a robotic army. A disgruntled Dr. Jerry Che is also coming; he feels cheated and exploited by his creation, Star Power, and plans to kidnap her. Meanwhile, Star's  out of control sexuality causes difficulties with various robotic and human partners.

The future is definitely not what it was.

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