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A military-backed coup brings substantial benefits to a small nation’s people who experience unprecedented prosperity and freedom from rampant crime. Motivated by his desire for the enigmatic and hyper-sexual Chocolay Strick, former sports writer Tomasio Hagridoon (a.k.a. T.H.) becomes a top propagandist for the government. His natural curiosity and sense of justice bring him into conflict with the regime when he attempts to peer at the horrors concealed beneath its mask. Politics makes for strange morgue fellows.


mystery  / political intrigue / dangerous romance / light horror


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Screaming globe falling off a pillar, three men rush to help

Great Republic on Rye

When dissolute cardsharp Eugene Walton unexpectedly inherits a plantation, his life assumes new purpose. After freeing the slaves and escaping a lynch mob, Eugene moves into the wider world bearing a message of liberation. Accompanied by dedicated friends and a shadowy former bondman, he plans to found a “Great Republic” based upon the highest ideals. But things are not so simple in an unready world. Let no good deed go unpunished!

adventure / social-political satire / alternate history

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Raptor Aces

Airplane flies through a fiery sky, eagle superimposed in background

The terrifying “Zone of Destruction” has taken over the Raptor Aces squadron. Dytran and his deputy commander, Bel, can redeem themselves by serving in the great Eastern war as their nation's youngest aviators. Dytran turns aside to seek vengeance on the partisans who killed his aviation hero brother a year before. He must confront issues of personal honor, duty to country, and opposition to its totalitarian rulers.


new adult  / war / action-adventure / romance


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Woman with fiery eyes kisses bloody knife blade

4th Musketelle

Those who do not keep the faith eventually get "the point." Trophy wife Laila has long chafed under domineering husband, Frank Armstrong. When she learns her adult step children are plotting blackmail, Laila fears the worst. Preemptive murder seems a reasonable solution. Laila plots to use Frank's infamous temper against him and make his death seem "accidental." Things don't work out as planned, though, and it's not certain who will survive the final cut. 


dark humor / romantic homicide

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Santa, the Grim Reaper and other personifications present resumes

Career Moves for Burnt Out Personifications

Various personifications scramble to find new careers and identities. It’s easy to throw around abstractions like Santa Claus, the Grim Reaper, or the "Average Guy." But how would you like to be one of these symbolic characters? Wouldn’t you get fed up?


"A smorgasbord of paranoid ramblings ideally suited to today's sensibilities.”

outrageous social-political satire / dark humor


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Eerie moon behind railroad trellis


Former Peace Corps volunteer, Tyler Lakatos, traverses the world looking  for adventure and finds more than he could have imagined. A road novel with fascinating turns through exotic Asia, workaday America, and Iran caught up in revolution. Travel through realms where anything is possible, wonderful, or horrible. And always on the road ahead, the mythical figure of Jon Glass who haunts the entire journey.

A story imbued with meaning just below the level of articulating. A siren call to your wanderlust.


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