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Terror Orchard series

You don't want to visit Terror Orchard. Then again, it's a good place to get rid of nasty people. Experience the weirdness.
Frightened boy enters the haunted orchard with his dog.

Captive in Terror Orchard

Book 1. Throwaway delinquent Billy Conner seems useless to the world, but he’s all that stands between it and a vicious, supernatural conspiracy. To the authorities, he's a rebellious and defiant trouble maker. To the foster parents from Hell, he’s a pawn in a fiendish plot. Billy is much more than anyone realizes, though. Assisted by unlikely allies, one of them 'dug up' from the orchard, Billy struggles for his freedom and for the lives of countless other potential victims.

Tween light horror & dark humor


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Strange being with an extended neck peers out from an achway

The Bulb People

Book 2. Why are people disappearing from the ugly little town of Bridgestock? ​Newcomer Ryan Keppen tackles this mystery along with the problem of his "happy blended family" which he hopes will also vanish. Maybe one problem can solve the other - in lethal fashion. Only nasty people have disappeared so far, but that could change. It’s up to Ryan to straighten things out. He is helped by a science teacher and an out-of-town high school boy, both of whom have figured in Bridgestock’s mysterious past.


Tween light horror & dark humor.


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