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Adventure, humor, horror, or some combination.
Airplane flies through a fiery sky, eagle superimposed in background

Raptor Aces

The terrifying “Zone of Destruction” has taken over the Raptor Aces squadron. Dytran and his deputy commander, Bel, can redeem themselves by serving in the great Eastern war as their nation's youngest aviators. Dytran turns aside to seek vengeance on the partisans who killed his aviation hero brother a year before. He must confront issues of personal honor, duty to country, and opposition to its totalitarian rulers.


new adult readers  / war / action-adventure / romance


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Explosion destroys a movie set around panicked people and dog

Disaster Productions

Matt's quest to achieve media fame by his next birthday leads to escalating disasters; add in some romantic entanglements and the situation becomes truly catastrophic. Matt knows he is too much of a dreamer to reach the goal on his own. Enter manipulative genius and borderline frenemy Stephan "Duals" Chrono. The resulting power struggles and unexpected consequences nearly wreck the enterprise. Throughout the chaos, Matt develops the focus and leadership skills necessary for true success and, incidentally, becomes famous in an unpredictable way.


Young adult humor


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An angry hurricane bursts from a suitcase by a scared woman

A Hurricane in Your Suitcase

Brett's lies are getting him into serious trouble. Can big brother Joe stop admiring himself long enough to help turn things around? The brothers verbally joust with each other as they travel toward the ultimate test which will decide if Brett becomes a "person of substance" or stays the way he is.


Children's humor


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Prince Rupert shoots an arrow at a gigantic bird with blood dripping from its beak

The Lost Country

Crown Prince Rupert struggles against ignorance and superstition to rally his country against a dire threat. Sopronia has been at peace for so long nobody can remember anything else. Collective amnesia grips the tiny kingdom until Rupert ventures into the mysterious Eastlands and learns of a pending invasion. King Bertram is wise and just, but he lacks the 'street smarts' to deal with the situation. It's up to Rupert and his band of questionable allies to win through or face destruction.


Young adult fantasy adventure


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Johnnie Badger grasps the chimney as a spooky owl looks on

The Daring Rooftop Rescue

"Coming up in the world" can bring unexpected problems, as Johnny Badger learns the hard way. When he gets an inheritance from bad-tempered Mr. Hank, the area's only human resident, Johnny becomes an incredible bore. He believes his new wealth makes him Forest Towne's rightful leader. Others have different ideas, and the situation becomes disastrous, leaving Johnny clinging to life on his own roof.


Children's humor


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