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What am I doing here?

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

OK, so I agreed to be a character in one of Brian's books, but now I've been "volunteered" to work here, too!

Well, even if you've been around 65 million years like me, there's always somebody who can out fox you. Speaking of foxes, one of those critters would taste good about now with some Chianti.

I'm here because of my ability to traverse time and space, meaning that I can bring the various characters in Brian's books out to speak with you. Yes, they really exist, but just not in the same time/space continuum that you do.

You think I'm making this up? Hey, don't get on my bad side, pal! You wouldn't like it there very much; trust me on that.

I'm feeling a bit out of whack right now, so I'll sign off. Stay tuned for future posts.

Your loyal friend (or not)

- Blogo

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