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Isn't this marvie!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Hi, it's Star Power again. There's a break in the action now, so I can write to you. Everything is absolutely incredible!

So, I met that group after the rock concert and went off to party with them. The party is at this big, fancy house. One of the boy's parents went on vacation and left him alone. Bet they won't do that again! There was loud music and dancing, everybody getting "drunk" and "stoned." I got lots of attention from the boys, and one of the girls, too.

"Are you 'gay' or a 'switch hitter?'" I said to her.

"Why do you ask?" she said.

"Just curious," I said.

"I'm feeling pretty curious, too," the girl said.

She took me upstairs to the master bedroom, and ... well, wasn't that something new! Then the boys started coming, one after another. They were all great, but they just wore out too quick. Back in Mech City, Winston and I can go all day, hours and hours without stopping. But here it's a much different situation.

Like I said, I have to be careful because I'm so much stronger than the average human. So, when a boy starts screaming, I know it's time to let him go and grab another one.

Things have settled down now. The music has stopped downstairs and it's pretty quiet. I really should change to inactive mode.

Wait ... the door just opened and some switch hitter girls came in. Gotta go!

- Star

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