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Divided love is never happy

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Hi, it's Star again.

This has been some trip! I told you about the naughty boys (and girls) at the party, right? Well, since then there have been many others. So much variety! I stopped counting days ago. I was never good at math, anyway.

I'm taking the day off at the beach under this big umbrella. Lots of girls are out here "sunbathing" to darken their skins. My temperature sensors tell me to keep in the shade, though, and my skin is already dark. Winston's new epidermis is very light. You should see the two of us all tangled together - we're like one of those twirly chocolate / vanilla soft serve cones!

I've been thinking about Winston a lot, I really miss him. What would he think about all my "activities" here? He wouldn't like them, I'm sure.

He told me once about King Solomon who had 700 wives and 300 girl friends. Talk about fun and games! But the king was miserable. "Divided love is never happy," Winston said. I really think he was talking about me, not King Solomon.

But this is the way I was designed, he just has to understand. Only Dr. Jerry Che might be able to change my programming. If you've read Expedition Westward, you know that things are not going well with Jerry these days. He's such a cutie, too!

OK, so I've gone a bit overboard. One of the boys last night called me a "sex machine." Little does he know! Some of them are catching on, though. They give me strange looks, as if I'm not really human. This is true enough.

So, I've decided to stop all the fooling around. Just quit "cold turkey" and stick with my one true love, Winston. I know I can do it. All it takes is a strong will, and I've got that.

Hold on. This gorgeous hunk of a life guard just came over. He says he's getting off work and would like me to have a drink with him at the tiki bar. Well ... what the heck!


Star Power

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