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Visit to da Big Guy

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Check this out - a giant Buddha statue carved into a cliff at Leshan in Sichuan province. This gentleman is really big!

Just look how far people have to go down the cliff to reach his feet:

Somebody crossed over the barrier and walked out onto the head of this gigantic figure. He wasn't there long and must have quickly escaped before any guards could catch him.

It's a misty, wet day and the ground is slick. The statue's head must also be slick. The guy might have slid right off into a spectacular fall. Natural selection at work, reduce the idiot population.

I never could understand the thrill-seeker mentality. Take unnecessary risks just to get an adrenaline high. A lot of people like to make reckless choices, until something goes wrong. Then it's time to file the lawsuits.

Let's see if I can just slip past some of these slow pokes on the stairs. . . Whoa!

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