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A chat with Winston Horvath

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Winston: So, Brian, when do you plan to write another book about us?

Brian: I've been pretty busy lately finishing Raptor Aces, and I've got a deadline coming with 4th Musketelle.

Winston: Just thought I'd ask. Things are getting a bit dull with us lately.

Brian: So, you're coming to believe that I'm the creator of your reality?

W: I wouldn't put it quite that way. I've come to view reality as operating on two levels.

B: How so?

W: Well, there is the actual reality, and then there is the reality devised by your, shall I say, rather disordered mind.

B: Hold on! So I'm disordered now?

W: I meant that as a compliment. I wouldn't mind being a bit more disordered myself, actually.

B: Thanks ... I think.

W: Getting back to the new book. I think that Star needs to get toned down a bit. She's wearing me out, and she's worn out many others.

B: I can see where that might be a problem.

W: Perhaps Dr. Che could be prevailed upon to make some modifications.

B: That could be difficult. Dr. Che has a lot of issues with her.

W: Yes, well ... here's Star now! Perhaps you can speak to her about it.

Star: Yoo Hoo, Brian!

B: Uh, sorry, gotta go!

A minute later

Star: Where'd he go, Winston?

Winston: I don't know. He said something about being worn out.

Star: Where did he go, Winston?

W: I don't know. He said something about being worn out.

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