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Brian & Winston talk politics

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Winston: I must confess to being rather miffed by your presidential candidate selection process.

Brian: Yes, I'd have thought things would have narrowed down a bit by now.

Winston: Do you have a preference?

Brian: Not really. I thought Lindsey Graham would have taken off by now. Exactly where he'd be taking off to is another matter.

W: There's always Rick Perry.

B: Yes, but I think he's too broke to get back to Texas let alone make it to Washington.

W: How about this Donald Trump fellow?

B: He just might get to the White House. It will be a long, difficult process, though.

W: Then why not simplify it?

B: How so?

W: Just declare him the winner and move him in.

B: But this is a democracy! We don't do things that way.

W: Sorry, it's just my authoritarian side kicking in. It would be easier, though. Just swear him in for ten or twelve years. Hitler got twelve years, didn't he?

B: Yes, but it was very hard on him. You could say he got voted out with "extreme prejudice."


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