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Brian & Winston talk politics - 2

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Winston: The field of candidates has greatly narrowed since our last discussion.

Brian: I was disappointed when Jim Gilmore dropped out. I thought he had a great future.

W: As what?

B: I'm not really sure.

W: It has now boiled down to a Fascist, a Communist, a liar, and a sexual abuse enabler.

B: I think you've been watching too many TV commentators.

W: As a robotic life form, it is difficult for me to think along more original lines.

B: Don't worry, most of the idiots on TV are not very original themselves.

W: That makes me feel better, I think. So, who's going to get it for the Republicans?

B: Don't know. There's speculation that Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan might jump in.

W: Didn't they lose the last election?

B: Yes, but that's the whole point.

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