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Just checking in

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Thought I'd drop by to say hello on our great nation's birthday. Of course, I'm much older than the USA or any other country, and I'm not exactly welcome in the modern world. I mean, how many people would want me showing up at their fire works display?

I do have certain advantages, though. For one thing, I can move through reality and time as easily as most of you can navigate your home towns. This means that I can bring people from different times and places to speak to you.

Did you think the characters in the books were only a bunch of made up, phony people who never really existed? That's far from the case. Just keep reading future posts to hear from a variety of fascinating individuals.

I know what you're thinking: "What's this big, ugly fraud talking about? He doesn't even exist himself."

Well, first off, you wouldn't talk that way to my face. Second, what makes you so sure that you exist?

"Of course I exist!" you say. "I'm reading this stupid blog post, aren't I?"

OK, if reading this blog post means you exist, then it must also mean that I exist because I wrote it. Anyway, believe what you want. Just hope that I don't show up at your next birthday party.

Stay tuned for future posts, and don't forget to read more of Brian's books.

Your friend (or not)

- Blogo

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