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The transition transpires

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Winston: Now that Christmas is over, we can go back to discussing politics.

Brian: That's right, by golly. So, are you ready for the transition to our next president?

W: Yes, Brian. My memory banks contain a complete Russian grammar and dictionary.

B: Why would you need that?

W: Isn't the new president reputed to be a Russian lackey? Didn't Putin elect him?

B: That's nonsense! You've been watching the left wing media too much.

W: Perhaps, but aren't those Russian language CD's you're carrying?

B: Nyet ... I mean no! Actually, they're Spanish. I'm considering a trip to South America.

W: I didn't know they spoke Russian there. Isn't it too warm for such a northern language?

B: It's not that ... oh, never mind. Well, I must be going.

W: Good-bye, or should I say Adios, or maybe - Do svidaniya!

B: 'Good-bye' will do just fine, Winston.

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