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Temple of doom

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

The Sun God temple at Atun Ha, Belize. Human beings were once sacrificed at this place; I'm standing atop the tomb of the late high priest. Behind me is a sheer drop - very appropriate.

Here is a side view of the temple. Pretty ominous, eh?

The advanced Maya civilization, along with its ritual murder religion, mysteriously vanished before the first Europeans arrived. I think the religion and the collapse of the culture were closely related. To expand upon Abraham Lincoln's statement: "If slavery [and ritual murder] are not wrong, then nothing is wrong."

My feeling is that societies with evil at their heart cry out for destruction, and avengers in various guises eventually come. Didn't Nazi Germany summon almost the whole world to participate in its annihilation? Ritual murder societies in Canaan, Carthage, Mexico, Peru, and elsewhere were ruthlessly obliterated by foreign invaders. The Confederacy with its slave culture was trampled down in a war so brutal and traumatic that it still echoes today in America.

Food for thought, anyhow. Expunge the evil before somebody else does. Keep the virtue index high!

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