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When will it finally be over?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Winston: Mr. Trump and his nominees are certainly having a difficult time these days.

Brian: Yeah, It's like a zombie movie; obstacles keep lumbering up only to get shot down.

W: How so?

B: First it's recounts, then 'fake news,' electoral college maneuvers, Russian hacking, the KKK, Pissgate ...

W: And now it's Michael Moore calling for "100 days of resistance."

B: He should stick with making movies. I rather like them, especially the one about Flint.

W: He would seem to benefit more from a 100 day weight reduction plan.

B: That violates a rule of this blog, Winston - no comments on physical appearance.

W: I was only suggesting some remedial action. He's from Michigan too, right?

B: Yes. But he doesn't plan to leave the country like other entertainment lefties have said.

W: But you're planning to leave the country soon, aren't you, Brian? Why is that?

B: .... You know, I think in my next book you're going to have a lot more problems.

W: Uh, is it too late to offer a retraction?

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