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It's really, finally, Over!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Winston: So, Mr. Trump is finally the new president?

Brian: Yes, although the demonstrators in the streets refuse to admit it.

W: I heard Michael Moore last night calling for resistance to the new order.

B: Right. He claims that the president will not last the four years of his term.

W: If he does not lose a great deal of body mass, perhaps Mr. Moore won't last that long either.

B: That would be unfortunate. I really like his movies.

W: Why does someone with so little regard for personal health care so much about what others are doing?

B: I don't know, Winston. I gave up trying to figure people out a long time ago. It's easier to just create my own characters in my books.

W: Like myself, presumably?

B: Now you understand!

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