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So long, everybody!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

It's back to Mech City! Brian is writing a new adventure in our Robot Horizon series, and I have to be on site, as I'm the main character again. I've enjoyed being here, even if I find your political system to be rather baffling. If you've read Return to Mech City, you know how we handle political succession - not a pretty sight. So, maybe your system isn't so bad, after all.

We have a shortage of humans in my world, and I suggested to Brian that some of the people who wish to leave this one on account of the new president might want to come with me. But Brian said they'd miss their gated communities and lattes too much.

See you all again in the new book - Battle for Mech City. Brian assures me that I'm going to have a very rough time of it. Ah, the price of fame! Maybe I shouldn't have given him such a hard time during my visit.

Here's Blogo now to escort me back. Hi, big guy!


Oh, please!

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