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Deplorable Conservative meets Compassionate Liberal

In an attempt to bridge the gap of misunderstanding in our society, I've brought together two gentlemen from opposite ends of the political spectrum for a friendly chat. Enjoy!

Brian: Nice weather we're having, eh?

Compassionate Liberal: Impeach Trump!

Deplorable Conservative: MAGA!

Compassionate Liberal: Impeach Trump!

Deplorable Conservative: Is that all you can say?

CL: 25th Amendment!

DC: 2nd Amendment!

Brian: So, I was kind of hoping for a productive type discussion here.

CL: Who is this guy, anyway?

DC: Beats me.

Brian: I'm Brian, and this is my blog

CL: Is that so? Just don't write anything that offends me. Got it?

DC: That's no way to talk. Without Brian, you wouldn't even be here.

CL: I don't need this crappy blog; I can go on Oprah.

DC: Why the hell don't you, then?

CL: [deeply offended] How'd you like to get your butt kicked?

DC: I'll tell you this just once. I have a carry permit, and this is no squirt gun in my pocket.

CL: Since you put it that way . . . yeah, the weather is kinda nice, isn't it?

Brian: Ahem, well thanks for your input, guys. We'll have to do this again sometime.

CL: Over his dead body!

DC: Fat &#!*! chance of that!

CL: @&#!*!

DC: &#@#!$*!

Brian: On that note, let's wrap up. Thanks for reading!

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