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Amazonia Trek

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Things seemed off to an inauspicious start as I rode the bus from Quito to Tena in Ecuador's Amazonia region. Rock slides, mudslides, vehicles off the road, like this truck. Hopefully no one was hurt.

Spent the night in town; met a Swedish family and a Brit who spoke of how their societies were so much more advanced than that of us crude Americans with our guns and intolerance. Thanks! I came all the way here just to enjoy your virtue signals.

Later, at the Jatun Sacha forest preserve, went on a hike to the observation Torre, "Tower." A noteworthy tree along the route:

The Torre was just a narrow structure leading to a platform in the treetops. I boldly began the ascent, but was told to come down as we didn't bring a safety harness. I was aware that we lacked this required equipment, of course, but it made for a nice photo op.

Relaxing in the hammock afterwards. Best part of the trip.

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