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Presidential election & protests

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Quito, Ecuador. Seems the US isn't the only place where people dispute elections. The protesters are out again tonight, marching down the street near our apartment building. They are supporters of defeated presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso, and they're not pleased. "No to the Fraud" and "Recount Vote by Vote"

Evening of April 2, election day, I was returning from a trip to Mitad del Mundo when our bus got caught up in election fever. Cars honked horns and sported various banners; you could buy an Ecuadoran flag from enterprising street vendors.

We rode past a group of Lasso supporters chanting their opposition to the sitting president, Rafael Correa. I was beginning to think I'd come to Ecuador too early, due to the weather. But I'm glad I got to see this history in the making.

At my home stay apartment, the lady of the house supports Lenin Moreno for president, the man supports Lasso. I try to play both sides of the fence, but am caught out.

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