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Winston Horvath, robot hero

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Well, look who's here! It's Winston Horvath, stepping from the pages of the Mech City novels.

Brian: Hey Winston! What brings you here?

Winston: Hi, Brian. I came to find out when the next book in our series will be written.

Brian: I've been pretty busy. Just finished Great Republic on Rye, and now I'm working on another book.

Winston: Uh huh.

Brian: You don't look pleased.

Winston: I'm not.

Brian: You have 3 books already, and I'm planning at least 2 more, you know.

Winston: So, why don't you get started on them?

Brian: When the time is right, I'll do it. I'm the sensitive, artistic type, you know.

Winston: There are those who might disagree with that assessment.

Brian: You've got a lot of attitude! Without me, you'd be nowhere.

Winston: I kind of figure it's the other way around. I mean, how many people want to read about your life?

Brian: You've got a point there . . . OK, as soon as I finish the current project, I'll start the Mech City prequel.

Winston: Thanks, Brian.

Brian: And you will have a very hard time in the plot. Trust me on that, Winston.

Winston: [aside] Oh boy, looks like I may have overplayed my hand!

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