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A tale of 2 parties, redux

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Northern suburbs - Attended a Democratic debate watch party on behalf of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. A beautiful home in an upscale area. Numerous figurines graced the room - see them on the shelf and under a lampshade. I'm not sure if they were bobble-heads and never got the chance to test them.

I was getting a little bored when Andrew Yang livened things up by promising every American a $1,000 monthly universal basic income.

"By golly," I exclaimed, nearly upsetting my plateful of snacks. "He's got my vote!"

Later, Marianne Williamson vowed to "harness love" in opposition to the current administration.

"I'll take some of that, too!" I cried.

Toward the end, Kirsten Gillibrand proclaimed: "Women in America are on fire."

"Can I get one of them?" I asked.

By now, I was sensing the other attendees might be getting a little impatient with my enthusiasm. Not to worry, the debate was soon over and the party broke up. I wandered the unlit, semi-rural street a few minutes with my flashlight. Magnificent homes reposing in the darkness. Socialism, anyone?

A week earlier, I'd attended the porch music festival. Bands performed all along the street. A different experience from the debate watch party.

Listeners became dancers in some locales.

Visited the coin laundry on the way out. It looked neglected with a birds' nest in its capital A.

A fire gutted the place some time ago. The "Smoke Free Facility" sign on the door provides an ironic touch.

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