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Belizeans love a parade

Corozal, Belize - The annual Christmas parade. Had a good seat on the Bay Breeze bar outdoor deck to observe. Many gaily lit floats, like this one with steel drummers aboard.

Poor lighting conditions for my camera, but you can still make out the marchers.

And the dancers. The rather ominous shadow to the lower right is from a videographer whose arm got in the way of his light.

So many energetic young people marching past. I wonder where they're going into the future? Economic conditions here don't seem very good, and large oil reserves off the coast are not being developed, supposedly to protect the reef. I'm not convinced these resources can't be extracted safely, however. What a change that could make here!

A heavy downpour struck, driving away many onlookers. I slipped inside the bar to keep dry. A souped-up VW Beetle with "KRAUT German Engineering" written on the door broke down and had to be pushed. So much for the engineering.

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