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Brit for a day

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Libertad, Belize - Garifuna Settlement day reenactment. This holiday celebrates the first Garifuna who came to British Honduras to escape persecution. Tradition has it they were refused entry twice before gaining permission to land. I was volunteered to portray a British Bayman settler who confronts them on the shore.

Above, they are turned away for the first time.

"Please let us land. We're hungry, our children are sick, my wife is pregnant."

"Go away! There is no place for you here!"

They leave. Then they return, and scene plays out a second time.

On their third arrival, the Bayman has a change of heart: "You're very determined. Alright, come ashore. Welcome to British Honduras." The crowd applauded enthusiastically as I swept off the straw hat and waved them in.

This immortal scene might never have been recorded. I gave my camera to an American lady and asked her to take pictures. She promptly stepped on some underbrush and sank up to her waist in a concealed hole.

"I hope my camera's okay," I thought.

It was fine, and so was the photographer, fortunately.

Later, an excellent dance troupe provided entertainment. Below is one of the members.

Then on to Scotty's Bar & Grill in Corozal. Today is the trivia game. I arrived too late to play, but my team came in 2nd.

Things ended on a melancholy note when I learned my 89-year-old aunt back in Michigan was not expected to survive the night. She made it to the next morning before passing on, the last of the older generation. Adios, go with God.

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