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Chill Michigan

Updated: Jun 6

Back to Michigan in time for record cold. Greenery contends with freezing temperatures. Snow flurries yesterday. I was impressed by the large flakes until realizing that some were actually blossoms flying off nearby trees. The pollen is out, as attested to by a hay fever attack. No, I'm not having a Coronavirus episode!

Went for a walk clad in my winter coat. A guy was selling art works on his lawn. They made quite an impression. People say the weather was fine last week, implying that I brought the cold snap with me.

Overcast sky. Moments before taking this picture, a large, ominous bird flew past--a hawk or vulture. Both are in the neighborhood. Maybe the proximity of the Detroit Zoo has something to do with it. I once saw a vulture consuming a dead squirrel on the sidewalk. Not pretty.

A message of hope on the corner, chalked by a young sidewalk artist.


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