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Coffee with Beto

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Detroit - The political season is again upon us! A friend and I headed to the Beto O'Rourke meet & greet at the Narrow Way cafe. The place certainly was narrow, and I got to feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Beto making a point atop the cafe counter as the world looks on.

Weeks of Michigan overcast gloom suddenly gave way to brilliant sunshine. It poured through the glass walls making for a very challenging photographic environment. As is so often the case, the room self-segregated with most of the white people on one side. Spending so much time in Belize where I am often the only white person in the room, I didn't really notice the phenomenon until reviewing the photos.

A lady across from me wore a University of Michigan sweatshirt. As an undercover MSU fan, I offered some heartfelt sympathy for her team's loss to MSU yesterday. She was unappreciative.

More people entered the little cafe, tension filled the air. Finally word came that Beto had arrived. People stood on chairs for a better view, and the MSNBC sound tech readied his microphone pole.

Beto moved through the cafe, pressing the flesh. Later he ascended the counter to speak and take questions. Part way through his presentation, a woman passed out and was taken away by EMS.

I did not get to ask any questions, but I had a few:

  • How does not securing our southern border benefit the citizens of Detroit and Michigan?

  • Does your concern about the high infant mortality rate in the Black community extend to the vast numbers of Black infants aborted each year?

  • What about late-term abortion for babies of all races? Is it okay to kill babies after they have survived abortion procedures? [Please see my previous post]

Every candidate should be prepared to answer those questions, and a good deal more.

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