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Flight from Belize

The American embassy sent notification that a repatriation flight was scheduled for today at 4:50. So, I dropped everything and caught a ride to the the airport from Corozal. Airport was closed, except for our single plane. The usually bustling area outside Arrivals was deserted.

Various Americans loitered about the sidewalk at Departures. One man had been stranded on an island and had managed to catch a boat out. He'd been at the airport since 5 a.m. Inside the terminal was empty, except for security and a few staff at the United Airlines counter.

Some of our group at the departure gate. The plane was only half full. Subsequent repatriation flights quickly sold out, as I learned from the embassy email notifications.

Then a fun night in Houston. No line at immigration, airport nearly deserted. Reminded me of the airport scenes in the Langoliers miniseries. My daughter picked me up the next morning. Hated to leave Belize, but it didn't seem a safe place for a foreigner to be with the tourism-based economy going into lock down and massive numbers of people being forced out of work. Good luck to them!

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