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With its new release, Cuties, NetFlix is now streaming child pornography under the guise of "art" and "social commentary." Translation: an opening salvo to normalize pedophilia and cater to the lusts of our society's most depraved and valueless members. NetFlix has advised us to watch the whole movie before passing judgment. Not required. I've seen the poster and one of the hyper sexualized dance scenes involving under-aged girls. This is more than sufficient to recognize what this movie is.

Late term abortion, infanticide, and pedophilia--an unholy trinity assaulting children. The going is particularly rough for young girls--gateway porn getting mainstreamed, biological males in their bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams. How are they supposed to mature into normal adults? A society wallowing in such things is bound for destruction, however much some may wish to deny it.

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