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Spooky Structures

Corozal, Belize - In the spirit of the Halloween season, here are some spooky, abandoned structures around town. This one hulks forlorn under a leaden sky. The women on the motorbike make for much better viewing.

Below is the house next door, across the vacant lot. It's been empty for some time. Who is it that walks along the roof rail at midnight, howling? I saw iguanas sunning atop the wall, while a large murder of crows covered the roof and the pointy trees. By the time I got my camera, only a single bird remained in the sky.

To accent the eeriness, the vampire vines are back! See them below infesting the lime tree. Their evil tendrils stretch toward the sun and snake through the branches.

These "matapalo" stranger fig vines would eventually zombiefy the tree, using it as a dead support for a new life form. Fortunately, the vines were torn out soon after this picture was taken.

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